Hello & welcome DMT – This is my first ever blog and it’s on my birthday, so happy leap year. Lets hope I can make this work …

So digi people, I’m Kate West so please call me either of the two or Westie if you’re tempted. I live in Bondi and love anything to do with the water. Currently my favourite past-time is to wake up at the crack of dawn and head down to the beach to watch the sunrise while I’m floating on the water, checking out my latest pedicure. I also love reading Jackie Collin’s – I can never get enough of her trashy plots. So that’s me in a nutshell in terms of hobbies / social life!

Now for work – I’m currently employed at Channel Ten working in the digital department. I manage all digital advertiser sponsorships on Ten’s flagship sites, like New Girl, Bondi Vet, Bondi Rescue, Masterchef (which I thoroughly dislike), Homelands and the list goes on. I love the interaction I have with not only clients, but also the designers, developers, product mangers and content team.

Next week I start at a new job working as a digital producer in a creative agency, hence the eagerness to get rolling on this technology subject. While I have been exposed to producing wire-frames and major web builds etc, I think it is about time to grasp a much better understanding of the technologies used in web design and how they fit together in building effective, user-friendly sites. Thus far I realise there are two sides to the web technology realm, as discussed in class:

  • Client Side – processing of the technology in your web browser
  • Server side – processing done by the computer that sends the web page to our browser.

In this subject I am hoping to fully comprehend technologies such as HTML and CSS. Working for Ten Network has made me realise the relevance in producing sites that are compatible across multiply platforms, as I have encountered the importance of telling a story that plays itself out across multiple entertainment channels. With this is mind I would also like to learn such technologies like Java script that support multi platforms such as mobile and android sites.

In this subject, success for me will be stipulated when I can discuss in a client meetings at work the technical requirements of a web build without me having to say “Can I get back to you on this one?”.

My favourite sites that I go to time and time again are http://www.vice.com/en_au & http://www.pedestrian.tv/. The content is always riveting and the site’s use a portal structure that updates the homepage with the latest content, whether it be video or images. I find these types of layouts easy to navigate and are always relevant to the time you access them. Another website which I thought was simple and cute is drinkify, which I wrote a brief spill on here