I saw this really great website the other day, Nike Vision and since then I have been noticing more and more sites that use the parallax scrolling effect. I really enjoyed viewing the Nike site as it altered my experience by using a technique that features layered images that move around the website in different speeds/perspectives creating an interesting 3D illusion. Other sites I have seen are the Voltswagen Beetle and The Art of Flight. On both sites the user is taken on a journey. As you are scrolling down or across, information and images are displayed. I especially love the beetle site because it works as a time line taking you through the history of the car and then to the latest model.It plays on your emotions by deploying text like…”It’s back…It’s a boy”. Meanwhile, as you are scrolling down, completely involved in story of the car, you notice that you have almost completed viewing all the sites content, as the top navigation bar moves horizontally illustrating what section you are up to. This parallax scrolling has in effect allowed the user to view the whole sites contents with very little effort on the their part.

Nike Vision:

The Art of Flight

Volkswagen Beetle