For this class, I have decided to create a website called “Underwater Tea-party”, which will be a resource that lists engaging and innovative creative spaces for hire. People can either list their own spaces available or search for a place. Primarily the site is specific for unusual, unique or outlandish spots, perfect for shoots, location settings, one-off themed parties and much more. The requirements are:

  • Homepage
  • Find a Space
  • List a Space
  • Individual Listings pages
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Log / Register functionality
  • Pods that pull featured and latest listings

To really understand how the application server works I would like to incorporate some form of sort / search functionality, whereby users can select a region and type of property they are after and the displayed results are pulled in from an external database.

For the design, I think adding some form of parallax scrolling to the homepage would fit in really well and create a great interactive storytelling experience. I imagine the user moving their mouse across / down the page and different, unusual spaces being displayed as they scroll.

I still want the main way of navigating within the site to be through the navigation header, so perhaps the scrolling parallax can be subtle. I also noticed that many sites loose the header as you scroll down. I would much prefer the header to stay on the page the whole time, similar to Ok-Studio site and the Beetle Site. The reason being is that the main focus of the site is the search functionality. I want users at any point to be able to stop and search for a property. Perhaps I’m best off dividing the site into main and secondary information, whereby the main is viewed under the header nav and secondary information like, “About us”, “Featured Properties” and “Latest Listings” can pop up in text and image as users scroll down the page. I would still want the secondary information to be dynamic so it can be updated often.

Below is a list of things I need to find out about parallax scrolling before I decide to incorporate it into my site.

  • Can you preload the graphics: in case the site is graphic intense, will I be able to preload the graphics before loading the site, to give the user more seamless experience.
  • Mobile devices: I don’t think this would be the same experience as the desktop browsers, so I would have just a static background image for the homepage.
  • Viewpoint sizes: making sure the scene works on various viewpoint sizes (small, medium, large).
  • Can text be Dynamically Feed in on scrolling image, to allow for frequent updates?